GEEKS 'n' NERDS - Computer Problem Troubleshooting Guide

Your computer probably needs a tune-up

Maintenance is important to computer health.

Is your computer running slower than it use to? GEEKS 'n' NERDS computer clean up and maintenance will bring your computer back to like new speeds.

  • Clean the registry
  • Empty cache files
  • Update software
  • Disk cleanup
  • Disk defragmentation

Is your computer deciding when it wants to turn off all by itself?

Operating system errors, out-of-date drivers, and viruses could be to blame.

When your computer cannot find an updated driver, it can lock up and freeze. GEEKS 'n' NERDS can update your computer's hardware drivers set your computer's RAM to the optimal ratio by increasing your PC's virtual memory.

Has your computer locked up? GEEKS 'n' NERDS will perform a few diagnostic steps to clean up spyware, which often causes many system lockups.

Are you experienceing the dreaded blue screen?

Better get a computer repair expert like GEEKS 'n' NERDS.

Blue screens can happen for many reasons. Out of date drivers, insuffiecient memory resources and software conflicts are just a few of reasons. Hardware issues can also cause computer problems. These problems can be attributed to fading power supplies or defective parts, including cooling fans.

Is your computer making funny noises?

Clicking sounds and excess vibrations are not a good sign.

Clicking Sounds and Vibrations are a sure sign of a hardware issue. Noises like clicking, squealing, whirling or whining likely come from damaged electronic components.

Slow computer? Does your computer have viruses?


Is your computer showing strange behavior within the operating system? Does it have extremely slow performance? Are there non-responsive applications? These are likely symptoms of computer viruses. Viruses are a very common problem with computers. Unfortunately it is all too easy to get a virus by simply visiting a website.


Malware (or malicious software) is a common problem infecting many computers. Malware - or malicious software. Some examples of common malware are worms and Trojan horses. Malware often infects your computer through email attachments, downloads and using file sharing programs. The severity level of malware can range anywhere from infecting one file to destroying your entire hard disk.

It is often hard to get rid of malware. GEEKS 'n' NERDS has the tools to get rid of malware on your computer by running a operating system restore, or wiping and reinstalling your entire operating system. GEEKS 'n' NERDS also utilizes software diagnostics and repair for less potent malware.


Spyware is probably the most common computer problem. You can pickup spyware on your computer from just about anything, even from just browsing the internet. Tracking cookies can often be considered spyware, especially when they reside in the computer registry. The most common symptom of spyware is a significant slowdown of your computer's performance. Also, you may notice new programs that you didn't install on your computer, or your internet browser acting differently.

GEEKS 'n' NERDS can remove spyware on your computer and set up a security firewall and spyware blocking software to keep spyware off of your computer for good. GEEKS 'n' NERDS can remove viruses from your computer and install anti-virus software to avoid viruses in the future.

Does your computer have enough RAM memory?

Sufficient RAM is necessary for computer performance.

A common problem experienced by PC computers is inadequate random access memory (RAM). When your computer doesn't have enough RAM, it is forced to use the hard disk for short-term storage to execute programs. Hard disk drives are slower than RAM. This causes your overall computer performance to be slower and sluggish.

Older single core processors may not be able to run modern software.

Consider upgrading your processor chip.

Older CPUs may not be able to perform calculations fast enough for more modern operating systems and software. CPU power grows quickly, and after a number of years, newer software may simply need more speed than an older CPU's ability to perform the calculations to run the program. Newer computers have modern multiple-core CPUs. Multiple-core CPUs actually contain two or more CPUs in one package. CPUs that are a generation or two old only have a single core, or single CPU.

Are you hearing grinding and clicking sounds from your hard drive?

Grinding and clicking are signs of hard drive failure.

Hard disks are complex mechanical systems where components operate with very little margin for error. As a hard disk ages, components can wear out, causing mechanical failure. Some older computers cannot address the full range of newer high-capacity hard drives. As a result, some newer high-capacity hard drives may not work in older computers. Consider upgrading to a solid state drive (SSD) which have no moving parts. SSD's are more expensive than traditional hard drives but are completed silent and last much longer.

CD, DVD and Blue-ray disc drive use laser technology to read data.

Disc drive lasers can fail or become misaligned.

CD and DVD drives use lasers to read data from the reflective portion of a CD or DVD. Over time, CD and DVD drive lasers can become misaligned. Because CD and DVD drives are mechanical, parts of the drive can fail over time. This is usually indicated by clicking or grinding noises when the computer tries to access the drive. Geeks 'n'Nerds can recommend some replacement options for your disc drive.

Are you experiencing overheating, reboots or lockups?

It may be time for a new power supply.

The power supply in your PC is responsible for providing stable power to your computer's components. A power supply that is too small can cause problems with overheating, reboots and computer lockups. As a power supply ages, the voltages it provides to system components may begin to vary, causing similar symptoms to a power supply that is too small. A power supply that is failing or is too small can also cause problems, including component failure. GEEKS 'n' NERDS can troubleshoot the problem a recommend the correct power supply solution for you.

Oh No! I Can't Get on the Internet

You Probably have a networking issue.

If you can't get connected to the internet, first thing is to check all your connections (if you have a wired connection).

If your connection is wireless, check all the status lights on the router and modem and reboot. If these tips don't get you connected, you probably have a local network issue.

Is there a ghost in my machine?

Sleep mode is probably the simple solution to your poltergeist.

Check out the computer's setting for sleep mode.

You've tried everything and it just won't respond

Don't worry, unplugging your computer is the simple solution.

Sometimes the operating system gets into a resource conflict. You may need to pull the plug, literally. It should restart without a problem.

If your icon is missing theprogram or file is probably not

Creating a new shortcut will replace the missing icon.

It's likely that your shortcut, an icon, was deleted. Check system help for creating a new shortcut. Search the start menu > programs for the program you are missing. Right-click on it and 'send to desktop' as a shortcut. Alternatively, right-click on the program or file and select 'create shortcut'.

System error: it's not as bad as it sounds!

Check your removable media storage bays.

Remove a diskette or CD-ROM and reboot.

If your printer is unresponsive it's probably a wiring issue.

Is your printer connection wired or wireless?

Check all cabling. Delete any jobs on the print queue. Restart printer.

If you are on a wireless network then check wirless settings and reboot your wireless router.

When you hear strange noises it's not a good sign!

Grinding and clicking sounds are not a good thing to hear.

The hard drive may be about to fail. Backup critical data and call for help.

Lost or Deleted Files

Where did that file go?

Go to the Windows Start menu and search for the file. If you accidentally deleted it, it will still be in the Recycle Bin, (unless you've emptied it).

Oh No! You deleted it!

If you've deleted a file and emptied the recycling bin, not all hope is not lost. GEEKS 'n' NERDS can help you restore the deleted file.

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GEEKS 'n' NERDS offers free diagnostic services. We'll perform a series of full diagnostic tests to discover exactly what's going on with your system hardware and software. We'll also review your options to repair the issues we find and the cost involved.

Don't you want to know why your computer is crashing, running slow or not working? Call GEEKS 'n' NERDS - we'll get to the bottom of it - for free!

24 Hour Computer Service & Repair

24 Hour Computer Service & Repair

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Your computer doesn't check the clock when it decides to crash, and that important file you just lost always seems to happen after midnight. Computer problems can happen anytime.

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