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Custom Built Computers

Custom Built Computers To Your Specifications

GEEKS 'n' NERDS specializes in building custom new computers.

Ready for your next computer? GEEKS 'n' NERDS specializes in building custom computers to your exact specifications. We only use the highest quality parts while keeping costs low.

Why depend on the big box stores or online retailers to sell you a new computer when you can get exactly what you want, at the right price, with local service after the sale from GEEKS 'n' NERDS?

Computer Memory Repair & Memory Upgrades

Memory Options

RAM Memory, SAM Memory, IC Memory

Memory options include the type of memory and the amount of memory. RAM - random access memory, SAM - serial access memory, IC - integrated circuit memory. From 256MB all the way up to 32GB capacity, DDR 226 (PC 2100) up to DDR3 3200 (PC3 24800) speeds. We can configure your computer with the propery memory and speed combination to handle any task.

Processor Repair & Processor Upgrades

The Best Processor Options

Your Processor is the most important part of your computer

The processor handles all of your computers tasks and software instruction. CPU serial processors, GPU parallel processors, and APUS that integrate both a serial and parrallel processor to handle the toughest graphics, gaming and 3D rendering tasks. Quality processor options available from AMD and intel at the lowest prices.

Computer Power Supply Repair & Replacement

Computer Power Supply Options

Keeping the power flowing

Many options to ensure power, performance, stability, noise-reduction, hassle-free, quality components and efficiency even under varied loads. Quality power supplies from manufacturers like Cooler Master, Corsair, OCZ, Rosewill, Thermaltake, EVGA, PC Power & Cooling, RaidMax.

Hard Drive Repair, Replacement & Upgrades

Hard Drive Options

Data security and access

Hard drives, solid state hard drives, NAS storage... lots of options to ensure there's enough room for all of your data and it's safe, secure and accessible. Options for storage from 16MB to 3TB and for transfer speed from 3.0Gb/s to 6.0Gb/s

CD & DVD Rom Drive Repair, Replacement & Upgrades

CD, DVD & Blue-ray Drive Options

CD, DVD or Blueray? R or RW? Lightscribe?

Endless options for the removable media drive bays in your custom cu=omputer build. We can help you find the perfect solution based on your needs and your budget.

Monitor, keyboard, mouse and peripheral options

Peripheral Options

Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse Options

Once your computer is built if you need help finding the right peripherals we'd be happy to put together some options for you.

World Class Customer Service

GEEKS 'n' NERDS puts the customer first

Your satisfaction is our top priority

Only the highest quality parts with the best warranties are used and the work is done right the first time guaranteed.

We are 100% available to answer questions both before and after the laptop repair service is completed.

Our certified technicians can provide service direct to your home on the same day you call, including weekends and evenings. Let us take care of all of your laptop repair and service needs!

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